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  Online Shopping -  Sell your products 24/7 - 365 days a Year. 
Simply the best method for retail  - Low overheads and easy to maintain 



Dynamic Shopping Carts - Open 24-7  365 days a year. The ultimate flexible cart

We are and Approved SAGEPAY partners offering secure processing of Credit Cards. So you made a good business choice and had a PHP and MYSQL driven website built - which is powered by a database to display all of your products. Congratulations - this is the most flexible type of Website you can buy.
Using our user friendly  site interface - every time you add a new product to your site - our e commerce package will automatically add all of the information to your Dynamic Shopping cart. The Cart will then know the details of your new product ( description , sizes and price ) and will immediately make this product available to select in your online shop. Shopping carts such as this are extremely flexible and also allow you to add discounts, shipping charges etc to your cart.

We also configure the cart so when your customer checks out - they get an e mailed receipt sent right away as a proof of purchase. As for your records - we can either set the receipt to be e mailed to you as well - or if you want to go a step further - we can set up your site so the order gets stored in a database held on the web server - which you can access at your leisure. This forms a more permanent record.

* No need for expensive premises
* No need for expensive Staff
* Available 24/7 365 days a year
* Simple to administer with a Webjectives e commerce package
* Add and remove products simply and effectively
* Modify product prices simply via an Online Control Panel
* Add SALE prices when you want to boost revenue
* Take Payments by Credit card or PayPal - or both !   

For further information - or just to discuss your requirements for a shopping cart - call us or e mail us