A versatile method of displaying text or images on your website in a minimal amount of space   


Cats Eye Style Glasses

Excellent Value for money - very comfortable to wear

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Deep Shades

One of our most Popular Styles of Sunglasses

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Thin Rimmed cats eye

Elegant style and very lightweight in a range of colours.

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heavy shades

Extremely dark - very comfortable

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In the example above - this is a good demonstration on how to display a series of images - with the main focus being on just one image at a time

Note the wat the image Grows as it pops out  to further highlight the product    





In the example above - just another Demo on how to display a selection of images neatly - and again slightly enlarging the main product.

  A neat method of displaying as many images as you  like . We can adjust  how many show at a time to suit your needs

  ( In this example 2 images greyed out each side of the Main image - but this can be tailored to your own requirements )


Text Sliders

Great for Testimonials and similar items where a lot of text is required - and the slide makes browsing simple.


styled - any colour

We can change all aspects of these sliders -for example on this demo the Central item Enlarges for max impact.


Special Offers

A very good way to list an assortment of Special Offers or other items which you want to display in a Group



We can also embed graphics and images with TEXT if required - see the top Carousel for an indication.


Fully bespoke

Custom made to match the colours and style of your website - ask us for more information on Responsive Carousels



These carousels will also view perfectly on your phone - simply slide them across the screen - also great on Tablets


In the final example - we have shown how you can also use Carousels for Text.

  This method can be used for things such as Customers testimonials

As with all other Carousels shown  above - they are FULLY RESPONSIVE and will view perfectly on Phone / Tablet and PC Screen.