Digital Image Watermarking

 Add a Watermark to all images on your website 


Prevent Image Theft - Watermark your images

We offer a bulk watermarking process to protect your photographs on the web from unauthorised use or even worse " Bandwidth theft " where other sites put links to your photos on their sites - which throttles your bandwidth and slows down your site.

 If your images are watermarked - then the person looking for a web image to use on their site - will simply move on to another site to try and find an unmarked image - and your images are protected.

You could also choose just one large Watermark through the image - this will do the same job - as demonstrated . You can add a Large Watermark as in the photo of the Car opposite - or you can make a semi transparent version as with the furniture image. 

We can offer many styles of watermark - to suit your own taste.   

Whatever you want to protect in the way of images on the web - the only real way to stop image theft is to watermark all your images. Please ask us for information on watermarking for your images.

Why let other people take copies of your website images to use on their websites ?

Stop it right away with Watermarking. You can see examples opposite or we would be pleased to sample a couple if images for you on request.

A photo with a watermark across it is useless to another person for web purposes - it is simply not worth their time trying to remove the watermark from the image so they can use it for their own purposes.