QR Codes

Widely used now for multiple purposes - ask us how we can generate
a QR code for you - or customise a QR Code

QR Codes / Scan Codes

QR Codes are "Quick Response Codes" designed to save you having to type in website links etc into your Mobile Phone.

We can set your QR code to add full information into your phone in just a couple of seconds

Add to your business cards and put a sticker on your vehicle - by doing this you make it easy for YOUR clients to quickly store your details.

Tracking QR Codes start from Just £35.00 + VAT

The ultimate designer QR Code

This particular code will load OUR WEBSITE in YOUR IPHONE in just a second. Custom branded with your logo embedded and in your corporate colours. Put this on your Vehicles , Printed matter , Business cards etc and your clients will not have to manually type in your website name ever again. 

Please click through our examples below for more information ...  

QR codes - Example 1 - Fully Custom made - with Bevels and Logo embedded - This one will route the user Straight to your Website

This one also tracks the amount of times it has been scanned ! We will embed code and get you to register on a website so every time somebody scans your code - you will know about it. Sieze the technology now and start using QR Codes to your advantage

Fully Customized Tracking QR Code - From Just £105 + VAT

Our " Top of the Range " QR code. This one features a marbled effectand also Bevelling on all surfaces. We can embed code into this so you can actually track online. Every time sombody scans your code - the number of Scans increases . We will give you a Login and full instructions on how to track your hits