Database Powered Websites

Perfect for E Commece sites - as well as Online Quotes and Storage of data  

So Why do I need a Database ?

PHP and MYSQLSimply the most flexible option for controlling your Website. With a database driven website - you can display thousands of items dynamically from a central database.

We build mainly PHP and MYSQL database sites We embed a database on the web server which stores all of your information. We then hand code pages which access this information and display it on the site.

If you were to have a standard HTML database and you had 100 products - you would need to make 100 web pages one page for each product. Predominantly now we are writing MYSQL driven sites as they are more flexible for todays applications. With an active site - if you have 10,000 products - we make only around 3 pages - 1 to display product groups / 1 to display all of the items within a group / and then one to display an individual products specifications. So in the long run this works out a lot cheaper.

Then the clever bit starts - the script we write will upload your photo and resize it correctly to fit your website - and will add all of the details right into your database. So next time your clients are viewing your products - the new item is loaded and ready to sell.

If you want to change the price of any item - no problem - log into admin and select Modify a product - and you can overtype the price, colours sizes etc as you wish - in REALTIME

Administration Pages.

We also build a set of Admin pages which allow you to log in ( via a password protected secure link ) and then you will see our Admin Index. From here you can decide to add , modify or delete products from within your database. As this is a far more complex site to build - please contact us below and we will be pleased to come and discuss it with you.

Data Entry is normally via a Simple Form like the one Above This type of entry form allows you to quickly add and modify data - view orders stored in your database and many other functions .

SOMe simple uses of a database


* Online Quote Forms and systems
* Customers E mail address capture
* Online storage of image files
* Access your customer info online 
* E Commerce - storage of customers orders
* Mailouts to groups of people  by "User type"


* Store Product Dimensions
* Store Product Images
* Store Product Price
* Store SALE price to boost sales
* Stores all orders placed
* Stores customer names and addresses  


If you are serious about your website - at some point in time you will want to make improvements or add functionality to your site to interact with your customers. Add a database and keep your options open