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You have a great Website - but nobody can find it ! You need S.E.O.

Search Engine Optimisation - Do I need it ?

Yes you do if you are serious about Web Presence

There is plenty of talk about being number one on Google, but just how can you ‘guarantee’ a high ranking position? The real truth is that you cannot guarantee a high ranking position in Google or indeed any other search engine. What an SEO campaign can do though is to ‘increase your chances’ through knowing how the search engines work and by ‘engineering’ your website pages and your page content to suit. In practice, good SEO practise can offer certain ‘guarantees’, but these are based on competence and not an affiliation with Google or any other search engine.

The ‘engineering’ involved relates to optimising the ‘tags’ of a web page for search engines. These ‘tags’ are hidden pieces (or items of coding) of programming code that a search engine sees but which do not alter the visual experience of the website. Google and indeed all other search engines are effectively very complex algorithms that process the information contained within the content on a web page, and in particular within these ’ tags’, to produce the ‘most relevant’ results in a statistical manner. Search engines also take into account external factors which must be optimised. This is the area of ‘Link Building’.

A well optimised search engine marketing campaign will include substantial link building to increase the number of ‘important’ links to your website’s pages as well as on-page key-phrase techniques. You should always be looking to increase your number of ‘qualified’
visitors. For example, those visitors with relevance and with a higher probability of converting into a lead or sale. This can be achieved by good key phrase research, competitor analysis and ongoing monitoring through analytics programs such as Google Analytics.

All search engines use paid advertising as their source of revenue and paid listings can be advantageous in certain types of scenarios. This could be when a new campaign is launched and you want to get instant exposure on the search engines, or if your website is about to undergo big structural changes where you anticipate changes to the Search engine ranking of your site.

So, in simple terms, whilst there are no guarantees with organic or natural search engine optimisation, a good internet marketer will possess the skills and competence to put you on the first page of the search engine results pages for the relevant key phrases that will drive qualified visitors to your website.

As a start up or backup plan, Pay per click advertising is instant and measurable, but in the long run it will cost more per visitor for the majority of industries. Please also be aware that your competitiors may opt to spend all day clicking on your Paid Links - and costing you money. We advocate strongly the use of Natural Search techniques.

Organic Vs Pay Per Clicks (PPC) and Adwords

It is also important to understand the difference between 'organic website optimisation' and ' paid listings'. Paid listings can be purchased through 'PPC' such as Google's Adwords service and can achieve results almost instantly. However once you stop paying or 'bidding' at prices to get your website displayed in the paid listings ( see image above ) then your website will disappear from the search results. The purpose of organic optimisation is to achieve long-term high ranking listings in the 'free & natural' section of the search results. This ensures that your website appears 24 hours per day and therefore works out to be far more cost effective
than PPC or adwords.Initial S.E.O. Service on your Index Page

Initially we recommend a "service " on your index page - where we carry out tasks such as Meta Variables assessment, Keyword Density Analysis , Alt Tags etc to ensure the page is "Search Engine Friendly " We also create a sitemap of your entire site which we submit to google for indexing your pages. We also offer the installation of Link Building software onto your web server - so you can begin a link building campaign - again a requirement for good natural search engine positioning.

We advocate the following structured plan . In order to rank the website we would executing the following activities to rank the website:

Complete On Page Optimization: We would Optimize the landing pages as per the targeted keywords which would include changes to the Title, Meta Tags, Description, Applying Alt Tags. The existing content would also be optimized which would include adding keywords to the content to increase the density of the keywords and also adding H1 H2 tags.

Article Creation: We would create articles as per the targeted keywords. These would be about 350-400 word articles.

Article Submission: The articles written would be submitted to various online resources like: www.ArticlesBase.com / www.1888articles.com / www.freearticlesubmission.org / www.ezinearticles.com etc for back links coming from content pages.

Link Building: We would manually look for theme based websites and request the webmasters for a link to be placed on their website linking to your website. The links would be a Mix a PR 1-4

Directory Submission: Submission on theme based high PR directories for listing and link back.

Website Optimisation Fees

Unlike most companies,we operate on a non contractual basis.If you ever decide that you wish to cancel your organic campaign with us at any time, then just drop us an e mail.We are so confident that what we do works, we don't need to burden our clients with contracts - as we know that once we have proved it works for you , then you will continue your campaign with us on an ongoing
"maintenance "basis. Regular site activity keeps the search engines revisiting your site


At the TOP of Google

Rosewood Furniture

Client: Finesse Furniture - No: 1

Number 1 in Googles rankings for over 18 years now under the search term " Rosewood Furniture " - a testament to our work. On the front page of Google - Making money ! This site gets between 70,00 and 100,000 hits per week !!! Proof that it pays.

Number 1 in Googles rankings

Client: Dashwood Service Centre
Number 1 in Googles rankings in all of the following terms Click each term to see the LIVE search result on Google .

The owner John Furnell will vouch that the work we have done for him has totally turned his business around and he is now fully booked nearly all the time

Client: Weeride UK - No: 1

Number 1 in Googles rankings

Client: Interpak- No: 1

Number 1 in Googles rankings