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Flipbooks - Flash Driven Flip Books

A new modern style of Website - or also perfect as an online catalogue to display your products. We create either text or graphical layouts for each page and then generate a "Flip Book ". To use it you simply turn the pages as you would on a magazine.
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Flash Flip Books

 This example we did recently for the Ionised Water Company - and if you click the image above you can see the live version running. It works very well on this site which sells health promoting water machines - and as you will see is very effective in getting its message across. Ask us for more information on Flash Flip Books - we can help.

This is a particularly good product to use with any products using Vibrant colours as viewed full screen it is very effective and visually very pleasing - and this coupled with the interactivity of turning the pages - makes it another worthy contender in marketing your products



Flip Book Examples

Brief: Accountancy without the stuffiness

We were asked to make a website for this company which showed that contrary to popular belief - accountancy doesnt have to be boring.

Flash Driven Online Brochure

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A Flip book can be a nice way to show off your portfolio but please remember that a lot of products including Iphones and Ipads will not be able to see your content. It is however a very user friendly way to browse your product portfolio as you can flip the pages as you would in a magazine.