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Website Hosting on our "State of the Art" Cloud Server

HP & VMWare "Cloud Hosting" on our Blade Servers

We are pleased to offer an exceptional Value for money on our Latest State of the Art Cloud Server .
Not all Cloud hosting uses the same computing technology, resulting in dramatically varying levels of scalability, reliability and performance. Our HP & VMware Cloud hosting platform uses genuine, purpose-built HP Blade server technology coupled with VMware (the industry's premier virtualisation software), to control server resources.

We utilise multiple HP Blade enclosures which contain up to 16 Blades per enclosure. HP Blades are servers that are mounted vertically which allows more units to fit into a smaller amount of data centre space, resulting in energy savings.Our storage arrays employ fibre channel disks connected via fibre optics which are the fastest disks in the world today, and the best way to connect storage devices to Blade servers. Read/write bottlenecks encountered when using classic VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and physical dedicated servers are now a thing of the past . As well as the graphics and design side of our business - we provide full business Website Hosting services including unlimited e mail accounts.

Our standard Business Web Hosting Package costs just £170 + VAT per annum

Database support SQL or Access Databases ( Acess Databases are included in the fee)
Unlimited E Mail accounts
Daily Backup Service * Optional - please ask us for details
Dedicated POP and SMTP server
DNS Services
Comprehensive Web Stats so you can monitor your website traffic
Domain Name Registration
Webmail Interface so you can access your mail Worldwide through a Web Browser
Autoresponders for E Mail Mail Forwarding
Unbeatable performance & reliability;
Fibre Attached 15000RPM Fibre Channel hard disks in RAID5 configuration
Fully redundant servers; in the unlikely event of a failure, our High Availability (HA)
This restore feature enables servers to be restored onto another Blade in minutes;
Genuine, purpose-built HP & Cisco branded hardware;
Optional managed data backup & restoration services with 6 day retention;
Fully managed private or shared firewall protection for enhanced security;
Guaranteed 100% Network Uptime - NSPOF (No Single Point of Failure) Network;
Unrestricted bandwidth @ 1000mbps (1 GbE) network connections;
Full DNS management services;
Professional business-grade hosting;
Optional patch management or full server management;
Hosting control panels available including Webmin & Plesk;
More environmentally friendly than standalone servers

Client: Paul Moran


Brief: Build a Website for this Hi Profile musician ( Currently MD to Van Morrison )

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