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Add some Action to your website

Flash Animation - a Great Way to make a statement

We specialise in Flash and animated banners. A very useful tool for highlighting Promotional offers etc . Too much flash can slow down the intro of a site and cause customer irritation - so we do not recommend long flash intros.

Flash animation can certainly add to a website with careful use. The days of Full Flash sites are now long gone - but we still believe it offers a lot on Promotional sites . Please ask for further details. Some examples can be seen below





When should I use Flash ?

When you want to grab the attention of your customers - a Webjectives Flash banner can do the trick.

We offer thousands of styles and in any font and background you wish.

Why not full Flash Sites ?

It is a well know fact that Search Engines do not like flash.

Also in the advent of new items such as Ipad and Iphone which do not support Flash - we are steering our clients to HTML5 the new and Flash Free technology

As a vector animation it contains nothing for the Search Engines to collect data from and hence makes full flash sites notoriously difficult to get listed in Engines such as Google

We do not advocate the use of Full Flash. Also a lot of people will find it very annoying. We are however happy to animate for you as long as you are aware of this.