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Webjectives CMS - Take control of your Website

The Flexible website you can edit yourself. A Fantatsic new technology is now available - which allows us to embed code in your HTML page - to allow you to log in through your browser and edit your text and or photos - as many times as you like. Upload photos - change text and fonts - make links , change text colours. This can be applied to all of your pages if desired and all for the one low monthly cost. Please ask us for more details.

This was a function which could only ever be achieved on a database driven site - UNTIL NOW.

You simply Log in and begin editing. Select a page and click on it

Editable Website designers

The tab will open with a familiar editor - with the area you are working on clearly defined in White. The rest of the page will appear "Greyed out " so you can clearly see what you are editing. It is like editing in Microsoft Word . Just click in the highlighted sector and start to type, add images etc

Made a Mistake ? Not a problem - every change you make is stored in a database. Simply click on HISTORY and revert back to the time before you changed the page

Editable Websites

Why pay a Website Developer to edit your site - when you can quickly and easily do this yourself. Ask us about our CMS ( Content Management System ) which can be quickly and easily added to your Website

Edit your Website Content