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E Mail Stationery

Add some style and corporate branding to your e mails. You wouldnt send out a Corporate letter on plain paper - so why not get some headed Paper for your e mails. The quick and easy way to promote Product or Business awareness - is to add HTML e mail stationery to your computer - for all outgoing messages and mailshots

E Mail Stationery | HTML Stationery


We can also design your logo for you if you do not have one .
Why not take a look at some examples in our portfolio which can be accessed from The Logo Creator.

HTML E Mail Stationery

The benefits - printable e mails with your letter head embedded - keeping your company firmly in your clients mind. We can design a fully flexible HTML E mail page for your company. Our normal style is to set the header and footer into the page so that the main body panel where you type will automatically expand out further as required when typing. These are also designed to view correctly in Outlook or Outlook Express. So Next time you are considering a Mail shot - why not get an HTML page like the samples below. Designed and supplied to you with full installation instructions from only £65.00 + VAT ( with you supplying all logos etc )

We design our stationery so you do not need to send out attachments on the e mail to carry your logo - this loads by stealth once the e mail arrives at its destination and does not cause problems with Outlook blocking it.

We can also supply you with full HTML Mailers so you can add these to your stationery. Having a SALE ? Ask us for a graphic rich HTML e mail solution - to really drive home your special offers.