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Domain Name Registration and DNS

Domain Name Registration

To move your domain name to us to hold for you - simply change the domain's IPS tag to LIVEDOMAINS .

Then let us know when you have made the change - we can then collect it for you

Most people do not realise how important the initial choice of Domain Name is. The choice of a good domain name directly affects how your site is indexed by the Search Engines - so always choose a name where possible which inludes a Key Phrase under which you wish to be found.

For example if you sell Red Shoes - then redshoes.co.uk will go a long way to helping your site get listed in the search engines - as it contains the Keyphrase "redshoes" in the title of the site.

Once you have decided on your domain name - e mail us. We will register the domain name for you so we can control the pointing to our DNS to save any problems.

Also we have a deal with the registration where your name will automatically be renewed 1 month before it expires - thus removing the risk that you will ever let the name expire. If you are not using us - it is very easy to "forget to renew " your domain name every 2 years.If were to slip up and let your domain name expire - it is totally feasible that a competitor may be able to register your name after it expires - and then to regsiter it and point it to his own site - thus causing you all kinds of problems.

So for low cost Domain Name Registration and maintenance - call us

Brief: Get us to the top of Google

Client: WeeRide UK:

Rebrand of the entire site incorporating Database and featuring new online booking systems with all information captured to Database

Flash Video embedded to promote the product. Search Engine Optimisation was implemented across the site. This was our brief and with some invested time and effort we have now acheived 1st Place on Google for search term Weeride.

This client sold 600 Bike Seats last month !! Ask us how - we can help you !

Domain Name Registration

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